[USA] Preparing for Electoral Unrest and a Right-Wing Power Grab: An Analysis
This is one of the big things people are forgetting in their fear of orange Cheeto fash

>If Biden wins the election in a landslide without significant resistance from Trump’s supporters, he will surely crack down on radicals and introduce policies that are oppressive to poor, Black, brown, indigenous, and undocumented people in order to placate the right-wing forces with whom he hopes to re-establish a truce. If Biden ends up in office thanks chiefly to the efforts of social movements in the street, it could discourage him from immediately cracking down on them, but this path involves passing through a very dangerous period of open conflict in which victory is by no means guaranteed.

The best is when socdems say they won't vote for someone that puts kids in cages. A reminder that biden and Obama started this for Trump and they lose their shit.

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