"You're hurting our image"
Let's be real. If we are serious about caring about the needs of marginalised people then we are going to be smeared, shat on and raged at by reactionary shitbags who cannot deal with the absolute horror of not having their needs centered for once. There is no way around this, if you cave in to worrying about what reactionaries might think you will create yet another a space that centers their needs at the expense of everyone else. There is a fairly simply choice here: which are you more concerned about, the needs of the marginalised you claim to support or the whining of reactionary shitbags who cannot seem to cope with the former's agency?

Too many self-proclaimed anarchists are overly concerned with image over substance. We're not politicians, nor are we capitalists trying to sell our brand to a market. Lets face it - the world is reactionary, and most people within it will see any serious attempt to subvert the hierarchical order as a threat. We need to be willing to prioritise the needs of marginalised people over any concern for the way libshits will see us. We need to be willing to be written off as ridiculous, irrational, emotional or overly-sensitive to a world built on domination and repression. We need to be willing to accept that people will label us "authoritarian" for daring to stand up to their domineering behaviour. We cannot let ourselves be beholden to what such people will think of us, to do so is to cave to the needs of a culture built on oppression - and to ultimately reproduce the very mechanisms we claim to oppose.

Policing behaviour based on a fear of how it may affect the brand™ is simply a concern-trolling mechanism for recuperating resistance to oppression.
big agree.

“Too many self-proclaimed anarchists are overly concerned with image over substance.” i don’t know about other countries but in the US this seems to be a problem of anarchism as it’s often so closely linked with being a subculture, which necessitate image

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