Essential Oil Steam Distillation Planning
You know how sometimes you'll come upon a forum post and it's an incredibly fleshed out resource that has just about the whole subject from A-Z filled out?

Well this aign't that thread.

I want to steam distill some oils, and I intend to use this thread to store data, links, ideas, reports etc on my journey through learning how to do this.

Feel free to join in, add knowledge, heckle etc etc.

My understanding of basic plant/oil steam distillation is you mix your plant matter (ground as thoroughly as possible to increase surface area) with water (or maybe other solvents?) in a round-bottom flask, attached to a heating column, heating mantle, condenser.... ehh let me just put in a picture 
[Image: zeV6vTE.png]

Okay, running out of time, heading to a yoga meeting. I'll be back to continue updating this stuff.

Add stuff to the thread if you want. Looking for ideas and also cheap but sturdy quality glassware and things. Ohhhhh a DIY heating stir thing would be neat too.

I wonder what level of precision is required, the glassware setup would allow for a decent scientific level of control, but is it required? Could I use metal vessels over a wood fire? What other options are available for getting the job done?

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